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Shallow Thoughts August 19, 2006

Posted by Matt in Wesley.
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This week I was able to retreat with several of the students who are active in the Wesley Foundation at Clemson University. We went away from the chaos of the campus, from the rush of student life, from the cell phones, TV, Internet and other sundry distractions. We sat down to plan out the rest of this semester. Urgently setting schedules, making important decisions, and discovering who and what our ministry was all about.

One of the most interesting activities that we engaged in was a journey of discovery (my term for it). We were all seated around a large circle and Lane (our campus minister) asked us to define what Wesley meant to us. As the discussion went around the room from person to person, you could sense a theme around the thoughts of all the people in the room.

The reason that people love Wesley. The reason that people continue to come back. The reason that they are even challenged to leave other ministries to join ours. That reason was community and family.

I find this extremely encouraging for any Christian ministry. There is a sense in which this is exactly what the Body of Christ is supposed to be. There’s a palpable sense of love in everything that happens through Wesley and more importantly through the people of Wesley.

What is it about this circle of love that people find so appealing? What is it about that love that resonates so much with the appeal of the Gospel? Is there something of Jesus encapsulated in the gathering of believer in a sense of family and community?

I ask these questions with cheap answers, surface answers, lying around in the waters of my mind. Yet, I am compelled to probe deeper. Hopefully, someone reading this will have some insight that they would like to share.

Is this something that you feel in your churches and Christian organizations? Is it something that you feel is missing? Is this just a figment of my overactive imagination?

I, for one, hope that we are able to continue to foster this love for each other and for our larger campus community. I hope that we allow God to move us to the ministry that we need to be for the people of Clemson University. May more lives be blessed through this ministry as I have been bless.

Glory to God in the Highest for all that he has done here in Clemson and in my own life through the people and ministries of the Clemson Wesley Foundation.