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A Dearth of Spirituality September 6, 2006

Posted by Matt in Matt, praxis.
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I suppose that it would be most appropriate to start off this entry with a confession: I rather dislike the word “Spirituality”. I suppose that I’ve been exposed to so much pop christianity that I’ve been unable to separate their usage of the term from its vaulted former status as a word describing the praxis of our Faith.

That being said: right now, I am experiencing a dearth of Spirituality.

There are a couple of reasons for this I think. One, I am afraid of unsettling some of the people around me. My roommate, for instance, comes from a background where Worship was seen as optional as long as one attended some Church function during that week. (This isn’t meant to be a condemnation, just an observation — one that he himself made.) I was struck by this fact when we were driving back from Disney here recently. We were chatting about the times that his group was able to meet. One of the times that he mentioned was early Sunday morning (10 to 2). I myself come from a background where Sunday (usually all-day, but especially mornings) were completely off-limits to calendar with. How do you explain to someone who doesn’t care about the Theology that Worship is a vital part of your life (personally speaking)? I use my roommate as an example, but it’s equally true for many amoung my Faith Community. How do you explain that you see Communion as so important that you should set aside a time every week to get together and share in the Meal? How do you explain to your Protestant friends when you start crossing yourself? I don’t want people to feel uncomfortable around me, because they are my Faith Community. They are the people that I live, learn, and grow with.

Secondly, there is a lack of kindred spirits in my Faith Community. Sure, there are a couple of people who actually have some understanding of what pomo means for the Church. Yet, they have their own lives to run as well. What the first point deals with at the personal level, this point deals with at the organizational level. What do you do when your own Faith Community does not always match your view of faith and practice? Obviously, this is an ongoing discussion (especially amoung self-identifing emergents), but I’m not looking to answer the larger theological question in regards to ecclesiology. I’m looking for an existential solution to the question of differing thoughts on praxis. I think that our community provides wonderful opportunities for praxis, but I don’t think that anyone in our current leadership has a firm understanding of what that means nor how that should drive how you do ministry. This makes continuing commitment to a life filled by praxis difficult.

In the end, I know that I simply MUST do my own Faith. It is what we as Christians have been called to do. I know that God will provide the strength necessary to do what I have been called to do. I need to place aside the concerns of my flesh and embrace the concerns of Christ.

Praise be to His Name for he provides comfort in the time of need.