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About Me

This will eventually detail my life’s story. However, until then, I’m just going to fill it with some worthless information about what I think about Theology. If these words don’t mean anything to you, Good, but feel free to ask questions. If these words DO mean something to you, Why, but feel free to ask questions.

Faith: Christianity
Sect / Denomination: Methodist
Theological Position Summary: Preteristic Molinist
Ecclesiology: Sacramental Protestant (Post-Protestant Anglo-Catholic)
Eschatology: Orthodox Preterist (Partial Preterist) , Post-millennial
Ontology: Trinitarian
Protology: Framework Hypothesis
Soteriology: Arminian, Molinist

For those of you who care about other things:

Hobbies: Frisbee (Ultimate, Golf); Movies; Reading
General Interests: Computers, Theology
Books: The Resurrection of the Son of God by N.T. Wright; Executive Orders by Tom Clancy (That’s really just a representative sample)
Movies: Hrmn… Too many to count really, but Godfaither I/II, Dr. Strangelove, Musicials in general
Music: Anything that strikes my fancy, usually stay away from modern Country and Urban however
Food: Mexican



1. A-man - August 17, 2006

Great Blog, TD! Keep up the good work!

2. -mike- - September 6, 2006

Mexican food is truly the best.

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