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Out of the Closet June 26, 2007

Posted by Matt in Matt, Meme.

Tagged by Rob, this meme comes from Ben Myers’ wonderful blog, Faith and Theology.

For this meme, we are to make our theological confessions. So here we go…

I confess that I simply cannot stand Christian music and really wish that every Christian would learn to read music and sing in 4 part harmony .

I confess that I still do not understand what the big deal with Barth is, other than he wrote long dense books that lots of people talk about.

I confess that even if I had the Eucharist every day that I still wouldn’t think that I was observing it enough.

I confess that I call myself “emergent”, but seriously doubt that it really means anything at all.

I confess that I think that the proper Christian response to politics is simply to withdraw from such practices.

I confess that I don’t fully buy N.T. Wright’s version of the New Perspective, but am eternally grateful for him for allowing me to move past my own upbringng.

I confess that I think that mission is essential to the Christian experience, but my current mission is to do paper work.

I confess that I’ve read the catholic epistles once and have never read a single book or commentary on any of them.

I confess that if my Bible contained just the gospels I wouldn’t be all that upset.

And those are my theological confessions, more if I bother to think of them… :-)



1. Byron - June 26, 2007

Thanks for these – yes, I confess you don’t do what I said

There’s some great stuff in the catholic epistles – especially 1 Peter, which is my favourite.

Withdraw from politics? Doesn’t that say: the biggest bully can go on beating up the poor?

2. lane - June 29, 2007

I too find little of value in the Hebrew Scriptures.

-Marcion :)

3. Matt - June 29, 2007

Just for the record, I am NOT a Marcionite… :-D

I do believe that the Old Testament has value and that for the most part it is still ethically normative. The same goes for Acts, the Pauline letters, the Pastorials, and the catholic letters… ;-)

That said, I still wouldn’t be all that upset if they were lost to history… :-)

4. JMac - September 23, 2007

I liked your first confession; I agree about music reading. Are you a bass? Nice meeting you today.

Best of luck at Clemson!

5. valenzuelalowe1378 - April 8, 2016

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