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miniPost: Blogs May 27, 2007

Posted by Matt in Miscellaneous.

If you have a blog to recommend to me to read, please leave a comment here with a link. I’m looking to broaden my blogosphere reading. My current blogroll represents about half of my daily blog reading, so you can use that as a guide to your recommendation. Don’t worry about my position or their position. Focus mainly on the quality of thought and the clarity of writing.



1. Duas Quartuncias - June 1, 2007

No comments yet, Xav? Hi — I’m Sylas, from TWeb.

Here’s a suggestion for you from out of left field. Have a glance at my own blog: Duas Quartuncias. It’s been up about a month, but has already provoked a bit of controversy. Mostly there will not be much overlap with your main interests. However, I do write about the interaction between faith and unbelief, most particularly as it relates to science topics.

For the high point of this discussion, read Should we promote tolerant religion?. This was based in turn on another blog article about the founding fathers and religion, and relating it to how we should reaspond to Islam. I think some of it would interest you. I was attempting to present a concilatory perspective as a contrast to hardline views against religion being advocated by some prominent scientifically inclined atheists.

Good luck with your blog. I’d never readly heard about “emerging church”; I’ll see what you can teach me.

2. Matt - June 1, 2007

Thanks Sylas… I’ve added you blog to my feed-reader.

I looked over the article you mention and I want to chew on it a bit before I get back to you… :-)

Yours, Matt (aka Xav)

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